AW faces Northview in Districts

The Generals have a chance to make history Monday evening in their game against Northview in the OHSAA Sylvania District Quarterfinal game. Anthony Wayne has never won a 2nd-round game nor beaten a team from the Red division in the state tournament.

There was a 4-year run when AW faced a Red team in the quarterfinals:

  • 2013: 5-1 loss to Bowling Green
  • 2012: 7-0 loss to St. Francis
  • 2011: 11-3 loss to Northview
  • 2010: 12-2 loss to St. Francis

Based on our research, the only time a White division team has beaten a Red division team in the quarterfinals was when Perrysburg defeated Bowling Green in 2008 (after a victory over Findlay in the first round).

The Generals’ best chance to defeat a Red team in the districts was in 2009,  when AW lost to Findlay 6-3 in the opening round after beating them in a tournament earlier in the season.

In addition to 2011, Anthony Wayne has played Northview one other time in the districts: a 10-0 loss in 2004 (in first-round play).

With the 5-2 win over Perrysburg on Thursday, the Generals have won a district game in 7 of the past 18 years, for a record of 7-18.

Anthony Wayne’s state tournament results:

  • 2016: L 6-5 (OT) Perrysburg
  • 2015: L 5-4 Perrysburg
  • 2014: L 13-5 Clay
  • 2013: W 11-1 Springfield, L 5-1 Bowling Green
  • 2012: W 8-2 Clay, L 7-0 St. Francis
  • 2011: W 8-0 Springfield, L 11-3 Northview
  • 2010: W 8-4 Whitmer, L 12-2 St. Francis
  • 2009: L 6-3 Findlay
  • 2008: L 7-2 Maumee
  • 2007: L 7-2 Maumee
  • 2006: W 5-4 Fremont Ross, L 8-1 Southview
  • 2005: L 22-0 Bowling Green
  • 2004: L 10-0 Northview
  • 2003: L 10-0 St. Francis
  • 2002: L 4-2 Maumee
  • 2001: L 3-2 (OT) Ottawa Hills
  • 2000: W Springfield, L Team Unknown
  • 1999: L 5-3 Central Catholic

State tournament results from the OHSAA Ice Hockey archives.

Generals finish near-perfect regular season

The Anthony Wayne hockey team completed its near-perfect 2016-17 regular season with an 11-0 record in NHC play (1st place in the White National division), a 22-1 overall record, and a 21-game winning streak entering the playoffs.

The Generals only loss came in the 2nd game of the season at the Dublin Chiller Thanksgiving Classic. They rebounded to finish 3rd in that tournament. They won all 5 games in their other tournament in January.

AW dominated most of their NHC opponents, outscoring them 79 to 16 in league play. The two games against Clay were the closest matches, with the Generals needing an empty-net goal to win 3-1 in both cases.

See our Facebook Events for game-by-game results.

Special teams were an important part of the Generals’ success, averaging over 30% on the power play and killing over 90% of their penalties.

The senior class scored over half of the team’s goals and 7 different freshmen combined to score about 1/3 of the goals.

Individually, senior Trevor Pennell was simply amazing, averaging 3 goals and an assist per game. In 20 games, he scored 64 times, 15 on the power play and 11 short-handed. Freshman Drew Seals and senior Mitch Graver were the other top goal scorers. Junior Zach Owens had the most points among defensemen and junior Brad Hood tied for the most overall assists. Sophomore Sam Thomas saw the most time in net, earning 17 wins overall (4 of them shutouts). In league play, he averaged less than 1.5 goals allowed and saved more than 90% of the shots he faced.

Next up are the OHSAA District and NHC White division tournaments. Check out the brackets below to chart our playoff journeys.

New web site

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The old web site still has useful information. We will be migrating information from the old site to here, and eventually take the old site down.

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