Anthony Wayne Power Players

Who we are:

The Anthony Wayne Power Players is the AW Ice Hockey team parent's organization.  Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month (except June) at 7:00 PM.  Meetings are normally held in the Media Center at Anthony Wayne High School.  The July and August meetings are held at the Public Library in Waterville.  Parents of incoming Freshmen are encouraged to attend the summer meetings to get acquainted with the organization.

Executive Board Members:

President: Jennifer Thomas
Vice President: Jodi Zielinski
Secretary: Sandi Hood
Treasurer: Ron Loeffler

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From our bylaws:

Article II - Purpose 

It is the purpose of the Power Players to support and promote interest in ice hockey in Anthony Wayne School District, and to assist those hockey players. This organization will be responsible for raising funds through various fundraising activities and donations.

Article III - Membership

Section 1. Who May Participate

Any interested parent, alumnus, faculty member or friend of Anthony Wayne High School shall be eligible to participate with the Power Players.




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